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Godflesh Superstar

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The Pitch

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Host: Rob McGregor

Duration: Two Hours

Mission Statement:

“To give listeners a relatively safe outlet for the aggression that they build up every day of their pathetic and monotonous existences. To pummel the proletariat with the destructive force of ‘heavy’ music until their brains turn into gruel and leak out their ears. To unify the warring factions of punk, noise, and metal under one deranged roof. To inform the listening public about bands, local concerts and upcoming releases.”

Program Values: Cathartic, Hostile, Dissonant, Breakneck, Informative

Example Music:

Actual image from inside your head while listening to the show.

Actual image from inside your head of what happens to your brain when you listen to (SOUND OF IMPACT.)


– Pussy Galore

– Suicide

– The Jesus Lizard

– Big Black


– Adolescents

– Dayglo Abortions

– Career Suicide

– 7 Seconds


– Electro Quarterstaff

– Melvins

– Testament

-Dillinger Escape Plan