Straight Edge Edgetacular – December 3rd

X yourself before you wreck yourselfRIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS TO DOWNLOAD

The Modern Lovers – The Modern Lovers (1972, Massachusetts)

I’m Straight

She Cracked

Minor Threat – First Two 7”s on a 12” AKA Minor Threat LP (1981, Washington D.C.)

Straight Edge

Bottled Violence

In My Eyes

Out of Step

Zero Boys – Vicious Circle (1982, Indianapolis, Indiana)

Amphetamine Addiction

Drug Free Youth

Mom’s Wallet


Descendents – Milo Goes to College (1982, Manhattan Beach California)


7 Seconds – The Crew (1984, Reno, Nevada)

Definite Choice

Straight On

The Crew

Clenched Fists, Black Eyes

Young ’til I Die

7 Seconds – Walk Together Rock Together (1985 Reno, Nevada)

Regress No Way

We’re Gonna Fight

In Your Face

Drug Control

Gorilla Biscuits – S/T (1988, New York City)

No Reason Why

Hold Your Ground

Biscuit Power

Gorilla Biscuits – Start Today (1989, New York City)

Stand Still


Cats and Dogs

Chain of Strenght – True Till Death EP (1989, Southern California)

True Till Death

Never Understand

Let Down

SSD – Get It Away EP (1983, Boston)

Get It Away


SSD – The Kids Will Have Their Say (1982, Boston)

Police Beat

Teach Me Violence

Project X – Project X EP AKA Straigth Edge Revenge (1987, NYC)

Straight Edge Revenge


Cross Me

Dance Floor Justice

Youth of Today – We’re Not In This Alone (1988, NYC)

Flame Still Burns

Potential Friends

A Time We’ll Remember

No More

Slapshot – Step On It (1988, Boston)

Step On It

No Friends of Mine

Slapshot – Sudden Death Overtime (1990, Boston)

What’s at Stake

Something to Prove

Judge – Bringin’ It Down (1989 NYC)

Bringin’ It Down

Hold Me Back

The Storm

Like You

Ten Yard Fight – Back on Track (1997, Boston)

Running Scared

We Know the Truth

You Taught Them

Back on Track

Strife – In This Defiance (1997, L.A.)

Force of Change


Earth Crisis – Born From Pain (1995, Syracuse NY)

Born From Pain

The Discipline

ChangexUp – Demo (2003, Winnipeg)

All the demo tracks


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