Septoplasty – January 14th


Note: The show will not be moving time slots. It will still be at 4:00 am on Wednesdays. Also, the songs I played on the show aren’t in the order below but the songs were played.

Project X – Straight Edge Revenge

Straight Edge Revenge


Cross Me

Dance Floor Justice

Arch Enemy – Burning Bridges

Dead Inside

Seed of Hate

The Cramps – Off The Bone

Human Fly

Save It

New Kind of Kick

Plasmatics – Beyond the Valley of 1984


Fast Food Service

Sex Junkie

3 Inches of Blood – Fire Up The Blades

Trial of Champions

Forest King

Big Black – Pigpile

Dead Billy

Bad Penny


Butthole Surfers – Independent Worm Saloon

Who Was in my Room Last Night?

Dog Inside Your Body

The Annoying Song

Wednesday Night Heroes – Guilty Pleasures


Uncivilized Bastard

All on the Outside

Evil Survives – Metal Vengeance

Evil Survives

Masonic Enforcers

Naked Raygun – Jettison

Soldiers Requiem

Walk in Cold

The Mule

Suicide – First Album

Ghost Rider

Rocket USA


Hunab Ku – The Gaze Inward

Houdini’s Achilles Heel

Midnight Assasin

Misfits – Earth A.D.

Death Comes Ripping


Die, Die My Darling

Pointed Sticks – Part of the Noise

What Do You Want Me to Do?

Marching Song

Out of Luck


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