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Propagandhi – Live in Sydney

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Click here to see the full concert

Click here to see the full concert

Propagandhi recently visited Australia while supporting their new album, Supporting Caste. Moshcam recorded the entire show and has made the set available for viewing online.  Click the picture above to see it.


Matthew Holdensworth – March 18th

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The track list is in some sort of order, but not the same order that I played them in. Figure it out for yourself.

Putrescence – Sledgehammer Holocaust

Eye Sockets Venting Black, Rotten Blood

The Super Flying Off a Roof Happy Fun Show

Ukelele Players Drugged Out Machete Attack At The Flea Market

Halved and Preserved For Further Ritualistic Abuse

KENmode – Reprisal

Hammer Party

Hibernation Has Never Been a Better Option

Tiger Comet

Propagandhi – Supporting Caste

Potemkin City Limits

Without Love

The Banger’s Embrace

7 Seconds – The Crew

Definite Choice

Clenched Fists, Black Eyes

Young ‘Til I Die

Agnostic Front – Victim in Pain

Victim in Pain

Society Sucker

Your Mistake

Capital – Homefront


On A Mission


Crime in Stereo – Explosives and the Will to Use Them

Play It Loud Fuckers

Terribly Softly

Arson at 563

Fury of Five – At War With The World

Come and Get It

Takin’ Respect

Do or Die

Life Won’t Wait – Demo 2009


Know it All

Gone With the Wind


Ringworm – Birth Is Pain

Birth is Pain


Dollar Whore

Skarhead – Kings at Crime

Kings at Crime

Dogs of War


Under Pressure – Come Clean

Come Clean

One in One


Obscure Medical Term – March 4th

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Sonics – Here Are the Sonics

Dirty Robber



The Ex-Girlfriends – Breakin’ Up Ain’t Hard to Do


Viva La Ventura

My Boyfriend

The Creepshow – Run For Your Life

Rue Morgue Radio

Run For Your Life

Rock N’ Roll Sweetheart

DI – Horse Bites Dog Cries

Pervert Nurse

Johnny’s Got a Problem

Imminent War


Articles of Faith – Complete Vol. 1

Every Day

Bad Attitude

In Your Suit

Withdrawal – Promised Heaven; Given Hell

The Glory of Going Down in Flames

Her Secret

World of Ruin

To The Wolves

Napalm Death – Time Waits for No Slave

On the Brink of Extinction

Downbeat Clique

Genghis Tron – Dead Mountain Mouth

The Folding Road

Dead Mountain Mouth

Lake of Virgins

Satyricon – The Age of Nero

The Wolfpack

Black Crow on a Tombstone

My Skin Is Cold

Pulling Teeth – Vicious Skin


Never Wrong

Prepare of the Worst


Rot Forgotten

Bleeding to Death

Weapon of Mosh Destruction

Choking Victim – No Gods / No Managers

500 Channels

Crack Rock Steady

Fucked Reality

Five Finger Discount

Black Flag – Jealous Again

Jealous Again


White Minority

No Values