Matthew Holdensworth – March 18th

n673235470_5842092_318RIGHT CLICK AND ‘SAVE AS’ TO DOWNLOAD

The track list is in some sort of order, but not the same order that I played them in. Figure it out for yourself.

Putrescence – Sledgehammer Holocaust

Eye Sockets Venting Black, Rotten Blood

The Super Flying Off a Roof Happy Fun Show

Ukelele Players Drugged Out Machete Attack At The Flea Market

Halved and Preserved For Further Ritualistic Abuse

KENmode – Reprisal

Hammer Party

Hibernation Has Never Been a Better Option

Tiger Comet

Propagandhi – Supporting Caste

Potemkin City Limits

Without Love

The Banger’s Embrace

7 Seconds – The Crew

Definite Choice

Clenched Fists, Black Eyes

Young ‘Til I Die

Agnostic Front – Victim in Pain

Victim in Pain

Society Sucker

Your Mistake

Capital – Homefront


On A Mission


Crime in Stereo – Explosives and the Will to Use Them

Play It Loud Fuckers

Terribly Softly

Arson at 563

Fury of Five – At War With The World

Come and Get It

Takin’ Respect

Do or Die

Life Won’t Wait – Demo 2009


Know it All

Gone With the Wind


Ringworm – Birth Is Pain

Birth is Pain


Dollar Whore

Skarhead – Kings at Crime

Kings at Crime

Dogs of War


Under Pressure – Come Clean

Come Clean

One in One



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