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Losing Streak – April 15th

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Catharsis – Catharsis




Death – Leprosy

Born Dead

Forgotten Past

Left to Die

Kreator – Endless Pain

Endless Pain

Total Death

Bone Breaker

Nifelheim – Nifelhiem

The Devastation

Unholy Death


Losing Streak – Jailed In Addiction

Jailed In Addiction


Crucial Mistake

Slipping Away

Chinese Telephones – Democracy

I Think I Can Breathe Now

I’m Doing Fine

This Time Next Year

Knucklehead – Voices Among Us / Little Boots



Johnny’s Dirge

Hanson Brothers – Gross Misconduct


Duke It Out

Jack Off

Hide Your Daughters – The Teen Girl’s Guide to Social Success

Tomando Agua Sucia

Smell of a Peasant


Pulling Teeth – Paranoid Delusions/Paradise Illusions



Paranoid Delusions

Buckethitch – Filthy Little Savages



Rabid Gopher

Some Reviews

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These Walls

The problem with releasing a truly great album is that everything that follows risks paling in comparison. The Creeps released Lakeside Cabin in 2008 and it is a nearly perfect album. It demonstrates inspiration from the all-time greats of pop punk, yet at the same time provides a completely unique take on the genre. These Walls falls well short of matching that achievement. The EP is thematically dystopian and bleak, which unfortunately doesn’t lend itself to the sort of dark humour that I fell in love with on Lakeside CabinTheproduction is weak and it sounds every bit as rushed as its three day long recording and mixing time would suggest. There are a few memorable melodic flourishes, but by and large the songs are uninspired and far too similar sounding. This is a disappointingly mediocre effort from a very promising upstart Canadian punk band. Hopefully These Walls is a fluke and not indicative of a trend. (Black Pint Records,



Evisceration Plague

This is the eleventh studio album from the most well-known brutal death metal band in the world. They certainly didn’t get popular by crafting ingeniously inventive songs or by actually being “good”. Instead, they have album covers and lyrics that offend uptight parent groups, which in turn induces thousands of malcontent 14 year olds boys to buy their albums and attend their concerts in the most unrebellious act of rebellion since earings. Below the thin facade of marketing savy there is absolutely nothing remarkable or worthwhile about Cannibal Corpse. The music is of the derivative double bass drum and Cookie Monster vocals variety. The guitar riffs and solos are equally stumbling and repetitive. The lyrics to every song describe different scenarios of gore-soaked death. They’re obviously meant to be shocking. Instead, they read like the half-hearted scrawlings of a cynical middle-aged man who is just going through the motions and attempting to extract the last few drops of controversy from a reservoir that dried up long ago. (Metal Blade,




Man Has Fallen

Sometimes the suck comes from so many directions at once that it’s hard to pinpoint exactly why a record is so terrible. Crustcore is supposed to sound filthy and mean but the production values on this recording are a joke. There’s distortion, and then there’s turning the distortion nob so far that it breaks off and it sounds like the band is playing in a tin can at the bottom of Lake Winnipeg. Perhaps if a competent audio engineer got their hands on this band and they had better equipment they could record something listenable. On the other hand, maybe the god awful quality of the recording is only masking the inherent crappiness of the songs themselves. For another local band that plays in a similar vein, but doesn’t…you know…totally suck, check out Liqurd.

No Foolin’ – April 1st

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The Creeps – These Walls

On & On

You’re Better Off

Strangle This Town

High Five Drive – Full Blast

 Foreign Mantras Make Great Role Models

Our Great War

Save Yourself

Wednesday Night Heroes – Fit the Description EP

Fit the Description

Should’a Known

Stacy’s Place

Poison Idea – Feel The Darkness

Plastic Bomb

The Badge

Just to Get Away

Buried Inside – Spoils of Failure



Withdrawal – Amongst Swine

Pray as Lamb; Lamb as Prey

Curse of Gemini

Names on Graves

Left for Dead – Splitting Heads

Pulling Teeth

Plant the Seed

Skin Graft

Second Guess

Nothing There

Fuck the Facts – Backstabber Etiquette 

Ballet Addict

A Few Words for the End

Smokin’ a Fatty

Moutheater – Lot Lizard EP


Lick the Stamp, Turn it On


DYS – Wolfpack 

More Than Fashion

City to City

Stand Proud


Death – For the Whole World to See… 

Rock n’ Roll Victim

Politicians in my Eyes

Nomeansno – All Roads Lead to Ausfahrt

Mondo Nihilissmo 2000

I’m Dreaming and I Can’t Wake Up

Slugs Are Burning