Finale Show ft. The Ex-Girlfriends – September 9th


L.A. Guns – One More Reason

The Runaways – Queens of Noise

Carlos Santana – Black Magic Woman

Tiffany – I Think We’re Alone Now

The Gossip – No, No, No

Zounds – Demystification

Set Foot – Aging





Evil Survives – Metal Vengeance

Evil Survives

Masonic Enforcers

Youth of Today – Can’t Close My Eyes

Youth of Today

Positive Outlook

Youth Crew

Bitter End – Climate of Fear

Climate of Fear


The Higher

Electro Quarterstaff – Gretzky


Eyepatch Romance

KEN Mode – Mennonite

Extending Common Courtesy

Messenger of Teeth

Slingshot – Shmer

Chai Pig Latte

Bad Year

She Said That

Bro Etiquette

Trapped Under Ice – Secrets of the World

See God

Too True

Against the Wall

The Creeps – Back to the Bin


Back to the Bin

Two Spies

Big Black – Songs About Fucking

Bad Penny

Colombian Necktie

Pavement Saw

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